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Dear Employees and Participants we are on top of the current situation of Novel Coronavirus(COVID-19) outbreak. Please Click Here for more information and stay current on the outbreak from CDC Website

Details of all the services we provide are:

Respite Care:

Respite services are provided to support individuals on a short-term basis due to the absence or need for relief of those persons normally providing care.

Attendant Care/Personal Assistance Services

(Personal Assistance Services are aimed at assisting the individual to complete tasks of daily living that would be performed independently if they had no disability e.g. eating, bathing, dressing, personal hygiene )

Home and Community Based Services

Habilitation focuses on enhancing the quality of life for people with disabilities, elderly and their families; meeting basic needs; and ensuring inclusion and participation. it is implemented through the combined efforts of people with disabilities, their families and communities, and relevant government and non-government health, education, vocational, social and other service

PA Office of Long Term Living (OLTL) Program

Ideal Home Care Agency is pleased to provide for participants and families served by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare Office of Long-Term Living (OLTL). OLTL serves individuals in PA in five waivers and one state funded program:

  • Aging Waiver
  • Attendant Care Act 150 Program
  • Attendant Care Waiver
  • CommCare Waiver
  • Independence Waiver
  • OBRA Waiver

Free Home Delivery of your Prescription

In collaboration with Kevin's Pharmacy, we deliver your prescription from the Pharmacy to your Door. To have your prescription delivered to your home by us please talk to your doctor and switch your pharmacy to Kevin's Pharmacy at 799 Castle Shannon Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15234. Their phone number is 412-561-2417. Click here  to learn more about their home delivery program.

our vision
To build a 21st Century model of home health
care in USA, centred on the patient and based on
the highest quality home health services.

our mission
To provide comprehensive, high quality home care services to our Consumers by creating strong partnerships with their families, case managers, discharge planners and the community. We believe in creating a team of caring professionals whose goal is the care and support of our Consumers